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Mind Body Wisdom 

Cultivate flexibility of mind and body

The Mind Body Wisdom process is designed to facilitate transformation and to support people in experiencing a greater sense of ease, well-being, and resilience. This process developed naturally while I was working with a private client and was researched and developed for groups during my studies at Harvard Divinity School. 

Similar to the yoga classes I teach, this process includes a synthesis of tools and practices from the contemplative traditions, psychology, yoga, spiritual care, and science. What makes this practice unique is that we engage with readings through inquiry and dialogue, and or a reflective exercise such as journaling as part of our practice. These readings can come from poetry, prose, or more traditional religious and spiritual texts. For a private session, or a customized group class or workshop, the client chooses the readings or we brainstorm together to find the right fit. 

While I synthesize and use tools and practices in different ways for individuals and groups, private and group classes both include these four components: 1. Centering through meditation, intention setting, and or prayer; 2. Movement, usually through yoga; 3. Reading or listening to a poem or an excerpt from a text or book; 4. Reflection and integration as we garner insight through inquiry and dialogue and or an exercise such as journaling or painting. 

Together this combination can ignite a shift in perspective or mindset, which can lead to lasting transformation in the way that we communicate with others, our self, a sense of meaning or purpose, and if it is part of our worldview the sacred or God. Its potency lies in the fact that the wisdom gleaned from this combination is rooted in the interconnectedness of body, mind, heart, and spirit. 

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