Mindfulness Meditation and Movement for Wellness 



This four-week online course is designed to introduce mindfulness meditation and mindful movement, and methods for how we can apply them in daily life to reduce anxiety, work with difficult emotions, strengthen resilience, and increase our capacity to stay present through life’s challenges.

Our natural state of well-being is accessible when we take time to slow down. We need this in today’s speedy and chaotic world, as many of us are seeking relief from feelings of stress, anxiety, heartbreak, despair, loneliness, and exhaustion. Our environment is out of balance, our jobs and relationships often become strained and unstable when we are stressed, and our minds and bodies follow suit.


Many of us seek to escape, numb out, or fight these difficult feelings and experiences through unhealthy coping mechanisms. But there is another way. Mindfulness meditation and embodied movement are tools that we can use, and that have been used for centuries by people of all or no religious traditions for this purpose. Within us, we have the capacity to continually heal, nourish, strengthen, rejuvenate, and grow. We have our own indestructible source of resilience.

The general topics we will cover throughout each of these four ninety-minute sessions are:

1. Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and Movement Practices

2. Working with Stress and Strong Emotions

3. On-the-Spot Mindfulness Methods to Use in Daily Life

4. Establishing a Daily Mindfulness Practice

I am co-teaching this course with my friend and colleague Gelong Loden Nyima. Loden has been teaching meditation for over twelve years in settings ranging from long-term communities, to buddhist retreats, to secular introductions to mindfulness practice and occasional interfaith events. His training as a buddhist monk has included over ten years of intensive personal practice, philosophical study, and extensive work in education and curriculum design both within buddhist settings and for general meditation practice for diverse audiences in a range of settings. His passion is in supporting practitioners of meditation to find the tools that work for them in their lives. He currently lives and teaches at Shambhala Mountain Center.

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