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Melissa’s classes have a very sweet atmosphere. She chooses good poses and explains them well. I recommend her highly!

Bronwen Murphy, long-time yogi


Melissa is a great teacher. I always left her classes feeling both muscles and mind opened a bit more than when I arrived.

Matt Blumberg

What differentiated Melissa’s course from all the other yoga classes I’ve taken is the degree to which she integrated the material with our ‘outside’ lives and the fellow students in the room with each other. The readings were taken from a wide swath of life, which helped us see beautifully how yogic themes exist throughout the world—but what made the experience really special was that in addition we were asked to hold an intention throughout the session and then do a writing and sharing exercise following the poses. This progression, from reading to holding to writing to sharing, kept the mind healthfully occupied and made it an ally rather than an enemy to the practice of yoga and made me feel like my whole person was welcome in the space—and not only on an individual level; it brought us as a group extremely close together. We supported one another, heard each other’s stories, and shared the space in a meaningful way. It was true community. That really was unlike any other yoga experience I’ve had. I’m so glad Melissa will be teaching more. I wish I could be there!

William Teresa

Melissa is full of deep wisdom and insight, and this wisdom and insight infuse her teaching. I took a yoga series she taught at Harvard Divinity School, and I always felt safe and cared for in class, and uplifted and refreshed when I left. Melissa's warm, inviting presence welcomes her students to show up as they are--and in the simple act of showing up, to discover compassion for self and for others. Her work uncovers and strengthens resilience in body and spirit. I highly recommend working with Melissayour heart will be happy! 

Jenna Carson 

Melissa has changed my life. I had randomly attempted yoga (different teachers /studios etc.) over the years but to no avail. My lucky day was when I signed up for a class with Melissa at 4th St. Yoga in Berkeley, CA—my eyes finally opened up and I realized what I have been missing out on for so many years. Melissa’s thoughtful approach, deep spirituality, and overall knowledge of the practice is second to none. It has now been 2+ years and I still attend every Monday night class Melissa teaches and have even started private yoga sessions to catch up on all the years of work I have missed. The yoga experience with Melissa has not only changed my body but her insight and perspective has changed my mindset—a true blessing.


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