About Yoga Transforms Us

The intention of Yoga Transforms Us is to provide practices, tools, information, and inspiration that support 

our well-being, resilience, and transformation. Through engaging our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits through yoga, our awareness deepens, we transform.   

Cultivate a perspective that brings peace through curiosity, inquiry, mindfulness, awareness, observation, and inspiration. 


Create ease, build strength, cultivate flexibility, reduce pain through linking attention, breath, and movement. Bring attention to the five senses. Listen to the body.


Cultivate compassion, gratitude, courage, openheartedness, and happiness. Create space to feel emotions fully and to listen to their wisdom. 

Connect to a sense of inner peace, community, 

reverence for life and or God. Cultivate a reliable pathway to the sacred and to an experience of inner refuge. Awaken gratitude.